Jammer Direct was created in October 2007 as a way to promote musicians and artists from around the world at no cost to them. Jammer Direct soon expanded to include different media such as original videos and music submitted by our growing membership, with the videos often being integrated into our online magazine, Jammerzine.

Out of the original music spawned JammerStream One. This was Jammer Direct's first online station consisting of original submitted content created by Jammers from around the world. JammerStream One has since been split into three other stations to better accommodate the different genres of music based on our current membership.

These are as follows:

JammerStream One: Our flagship station which includes most of the original music uploaded and approved as well as the bulk of our original programming.

JammerStream Mix: A mix and mash of mashups and raves.

JammerStream Hardcore: From classic style metal to industrial.

JammerStream FreeStyle: Unsigned Hip Hop, Rap, and other styled beats.

On January 3, 2012, Jammer Direct launched JammerStream.com. The purpose of the Jammer Stream website is to showcase the internet radio streams solely for the listener, as opposed to the Jammer themselves. By doing this our goal is to give the Jammers that submit their original music the widest audience possible.

New JammerStreams will be added as new genres of artists join Jammer Direct and submit enough music to generate a need for more streams.

If you are an unsigned artist wanting to promote your music on any one of the JammerStreams then you can start by joining Jammer Direct here.






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